Saturday, 16 January 2016

David Bowie 1947-2016 Thank You Starman

Its easy to jump on the bandwagon when a celebrity dies, by that I mean there seems to be a huge thing these days with social media, where everyone seems to comment on so and so this and so and so that and they probably never met them or knew them. This is no problem at all in this but there is some people out there whom don't understand that sometimes a celebrity can have an effect on someones life without anybody knowing with their power of their medium, like for instance Da Vinci still makes peoples heads turn with his paintings and they are from over 500 years ago and they still excite people and make people think, maybe its because I am a historian and I look at things like this. Now look at David Bowie, fashion icon, alien, rock star, singer, songwriter and film star, these are a few labels easily applied to Mr Bowie whom had his feet in many mediums and probably shaped many peoples lives with his music, films and fashion sense.

Many people would say I am too young to appreciate Bowie when he was at his best, I am 30, but here is how I discovered his music. I bought Queen greatest hits II on CD when I was about 14 or 15, everybody knew Bohemian Rhapsody and Radio Ga Ga no matter their age them videos were shown still in the 90s on TV and the songs still played on the radio. There was this one song I didn't really know it was called “Under Pressure” and it was Queen with David Bowie, now I knew who Bowie was from the film Labyrinth. The first time I heard this song I was hooked! The way Mercury and Bowie sang together was amazing. This instantly made me want to know Bowie more but been that age you didn't have ready income, I mean that queen CD was bought with birthday money. But unfortunately it went a few years because I forgot all about buying Cd's because I was hooked on video games and spent what money I got on them and just stayed at home playing them!!. At about 17/18 I was having the usual teenage troubles with myself, I was not the popular guy, girls wouldn't give me a chance etc, also I was going through the teenage years with out a male role model to look up to, I was brought up by just my mother, whom did an amazing job by the way!. So I was a very confused and bewildered teenager who just needed something to connect too and just spent all my time playing video games. I decided to listen to Cd's again and read more books too to find a real escape away from video games. I rediscovered my Queen greatest hits II and thanks to Under Pressure I went and bought my first Bowie CD, “The Greatest hits 1969-74”. The songs just opened my mind, the way Bowie wrote and sang his songs just got to me, songs like, Changes, All the Young Dudes, Space Oddity and Life on Mars just summed up my life perfectly. I could not believe I had missed out on all this great music!. My mum even bought me the Best of Bowie on DVD for Christmas in 2003 I think it was.

Bowie's music just made me feel better about myself, It changed me, the lyrics to Changes became some sort of personal anthem to myself, because I interpreted it as time is passing and it will change things and change you but don't let it take control and just be yourself!. So yes when Bowie died I did indeed jump on the bandwagon and yes I may of shed a tear or maybe a few more, because David Bowie's music helped me through some hard times and if it wasn't for his music keeping my head on and keeping me positive who knows what would of happened!. I didn't know Bowie but he was a big part of my life and when I heard he died from texts off my sister and girlfriend it was like a void had appeared inside of me, I had to put the News on just to see for myself and there it was my hero had indeed died. So I say this thank you David Bowie your music helped me and made me who I am today, I may not of known you personally but I knew your music and I feel a loss knowing the world is going on without you. Now you are that Starman waiting in the sky. Thank You!!!
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