Sunday, 27 April 2014

Where have you been for 4 months?!?

Like some kind of Daniel Day-Lewis I have been hiding away from the world from the while, and neglecting this blog site, shame on me. So what have I been doing with my self you may ask. Well October 2013 was huge leap for me in my life.

I am quite an introvert and prefer my own company a lot but I also like to experience culture, history and art. Now there is one city that has bucket loads of all these things and that is Paris France. So I had a dilemma, I want to go to Paris but I want to do what I want to do, I bit the bullet and booked it on my own just for me. Needless to say I feel it was the greatest moment of life. Yes I went to Paris alone but, it was such an experience it woke something inside of me. The explorer was born so I set out to first go to all the cities in my own county of Yorkshire, Hull and Sheffield to name a few. Up next was a week off work where I spent 4 days in Edinburgh and then 3 days in Liverpool.

While in Edinburgh I explored the Scottish lowlands, even calling at the famous Roslyn Chapel, as seen in 'The Da Vinci Code'. Well nd truly aamazing I recommend it to all. I even bought by myself a tacky souvenir of Braveheart himself William Wallace. Needless to say my head has been elsewhere, but now I am back on solid ground planning my next trip to mainland Europe at the end of the year. Hopefully now I am back on terra firma, I will get back on with this blog and get some more movie things done. I am thinking of doing book reviews too. Just sick with me if you are still looking at this site, I have bought a new android Asus tablet, so hopefully I will be cracking on now because I have no computer now and iPhone is useless for this, but tablet proving good. Thanks all and I would love to hear from you all good or bad comments all welcome thanks.

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