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Top 5 Kevin Costner Movies

Now I know Mr Costner is not a highly rated actor but.... he was the actor who got me into movies as a child, I watched Prince Of Thieves so many times, I wore the VHS tape out, it was the first VHS movie I ever owned at the young age of 7 and stayed with me along time. So without further ado I present the Kevin Costner top 5. As usual these are not reviews just a quick summery in my own words and why I liked the Movies.

5. Field of Dreams (1989)
Field of Dreams (1989) Poster
Mr Costner plays a Iowa corn farmer, whom upon hearing voices in his field, interprets them as a command to build a baseball diamond in his fields. He does this and the Chicago White Sox, from the 1919 world series, turn up to play on his diamond!!.  The cast is brilliant, I mean any film with the legendary Burt Lancaster and James Earl Jones in has to be great, right!. When the diamond is built, and players appear out of the corn field... like ghosts but, only certain people can see them. The town think that the family is insane,but we know better. This was one of the earliest films I saw and remember with Kevin Costner in. Its just such a magical enjoyable family film. And the immortal line: "If you build it he will come", will stay with you forever.

4. A Perfect World (1993)
 A Perfect World (1993) Poster
Kevin Costner plays an escaped and on the run convict, Butch Haynes. Butch kidnaps a young boy called Phillip Perry. They both travel together as Butch, tries to flee from Texas. As they travel together, Butch and Philip discover common bonds and suffer the abuses of the outside "Perfect World.", and Phillip begins to see Butch, as the father he never had. But the law is in pursuit, led by, Texas Ranger "Red" Garnett, (Played by Director Clint Eastwood) and criminologist Sally Gerber (Laura Dern). Clint Eastwood can sometimes make us feel sorry for the "Bad Guy" in his directorial films. In this film he certainly doesn't fail. We, like Phillip grow to like and care about Butch, even tho its morally wrong, its a masterstroke by Eastwood. Costner was to me perfectly cast as Butch, he pulls it off perfectly, he managers to play a perfectly conflicted convict whom has many inner demons but, can also have a heart. The ending is brilliant and emotional.

3. Robin Hood Prince of Thieves (1991)
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991) Poster 
Deciding between first and second was not easy, but this film in third, has a special place in my heart. It was the first ever VHS movie i bought with my own money, (I was 7). It is in my memory as the first, non-Disney and Animated movie I watched. I wanted to be Robin Hood, I even had Robin Hood Lego. The 7 year old me, thought that Kevin Costner as Robin Hood was the best thing since Lego!, now this is going to sound strange seen as how this is Mr Costner's list, the older and more cynical me can now see that Alan Rickman makes this movie as the Sheriff of Nottingham (sorry Kevin). But as Kevin Costner is in it and it is one of my favourite movies, its on this list. Not much I can say on a summery I'm sure you all know the story of Robin Hood, our (I'm English) very own historical legend (even tho many Historians say he didn't exist, or did during a different era). They go with the idea of him robbing the rich tho give to the poor but, they have Robin as a warrior in the Holy Crusades and start off with him escaping a Turkish jail with help from new friend, Azeem (Morgan Freeman, whom is excellent as ever!). They flee to England, but find the Sheriff has taken over Robin's fathers land and murdered him, in the name of Prince John, (whom has taken the throne in brother Richards absence). So the vendetta begins to restore peace and get King Richard back on the throne. I be reviewing this film in the near future keep posted.

The Untouchables (1987)
The Untouchables (1987) Poster 
Now these two movies left in Second and First are two of the greatest movies of all time in my opinion. I love gangster movies, especially the Godfather 1 and 2. This film is not as well known or maybe talked about as much as the Godfather films, don't get me wrong the Godfather is in a different league but.... this movie is just amazing in its own right. Going with the true story of prohibition era Chicago where, Federal Agent Eliot Ness (Kevin Costner) sets out to stop Al Capone (Robert De Niro); because of rampant corruption, he assembles a small, hand-picked team (sort of like a Police A-Team). Costner is great in this movie backed up by superb performances by, Robert De Niro, who just eats scenery as Al Capone, Andy Garcia as Agent George Stone, and, not forgetting the Legendary Sean Connery as Jim Malone in an Oscar winning performance, (just forget the fact he's suppose to be Irish). The action scenes are amazing, the gun shoot out in the railway station is worth watching this film for alone, you will be on the edge of your seat watching it. Yes there is a lot of blood loss, but its not on a level with say, Braveheart. If you want to watch a film with a great cast, beautiful music score and set pieces where you dare not look away, watch this film. I will review this too in better detail. 

This is it my number one Kevin Costner movie of all time............................its Waterworld!

Okay you got me its on my top 10 list of my favourite Movies of all time the one and only..

Dances With Wolves (1990)
Now I know this film has its faults and a lot of people didn't like it for various reasons, I mean just search the internet and see for yourself, but, I cannot express how much I love this beautiful, majestic and artistic film. 
This film will be my next review, so I will keep this short. Kevin Costner not only starred in this film but he also directed it, and, wow what a fantastic job he did. The scenery he uses the costumes the set pieces, I mean there is a wonderful scene with a buffalo hunt, breathless. I have to say this sorry James Cameron, yes I love Avatar (I was amazed) but,... Dances with Wolves came first my friend.Costner plays Lt John Dunbar whom against the odds leads Union troops to a victory in a battle. He becomes a hero and decides to use his new found fame, to get himself out into the rarely seen western frontier. Here he befriends a wolf as well as native Americans of the Sioux tribe. The friendship is beautiful to watch unfold, I can quite happily sit and watch the full Costner directors cut at nearly four hours long, I love it. Anyhow Review will be soon.

That is my top 5 Kevin Costner picks, let me know yours would love to hear from you. Feedback will be very welcome.
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