Sunday, 4 August 2013

Top 5 Movies of my High School life

It was a while ago I did my top 5 movies of my childhood so now I finally present my top 5 films of my High School life. On a side note, I am trying to write these as if I am writing from my younger self, so they are not very in depth compared to my reviews or other lists.

5. Men In Black (1997)
Men in Black (1997) Poster
I was 12 when this came out, I always liked the Fresh Prince tv series and loved Will Smith in Independence Day. So I went to the cinema to go see this film.... Damn was I hooked. Everything was great about it. The chemistry between Smith and Jones was spot on, all the aliens, the comedy, special effects, safe to say I loved it. I bought the VHS tape when it came out and even.... can I admit this... bought the Will Smith music CD and listened to it all the time. Just don't talk to me about the sequels they never happened. Well to me.

4. Independence Day (1996)
Independence Day (1996) Poster
This one was thanks to my cousin. He got the VHS of it and brought it round for my family to watch. Damn i felt good after. I ended up boring it off him all the time just to see Will Smith say over and over again "Welcome to Earth". I could not stop watching it, I'm sure I knew the whole film by heart and quoted it all the time at High School ha ha.

3. Robocop (1987)
RoboCop (1987) Poster
I watched this film a lot latter than all my friends. My friends would always say its not great and Terminator was much better...........Well after watching a cheap video I bought, lets say I was on Robocops side. My teenage self adored this character and film. One of my favourite movies of the 80's. The story of Murphy was just so Human to me them scenes where he starts having flashbacks of his past life, just got to my teenage self. Then there was the Music and wow did I love that theme tune. Damn did I get stick for liking Robocop ha ha. In fact I have so many happy memories of this film and still like it to this day that I am not looking forward to the remake at all. Peter Weller was amazing to me as Murphy. and Seeing him, in this years Star Trek film, was a huge amount of excitement for me he was awesome, was great to see him back in a Blockbuster.

2. The Matrix (1999) 
The Matrix (1999) Poster
This has a special place in my heart... it was the first 15 certificate film I managed to watch at the cinema without been questioned about my age ha ha. Wow what a film and to boast about myself... I understood it in one watch!. Still to this day I have to explain this film to people. That been said other than the brilliant and bizarre story line, Keanu Reeves was awesome. Having been a huge fan of Bill and Ted before High school, I knew about Keanu from that particular film, but, he blew me away here, I could not believe it was the same actor. The Action scenes were something else too, never before had I seen action like this!. Once again the sequels don't exist in my own little bubble.

1. Star Wars Original Trilogy

Now come on you must of noticed this was not on my top 5 childhood movies list, so it was bound to appear here!!. I saw the first movie properly when I was about 12.... Damn did my life change!. I knew of Star Wars before then but never really watched it, crazy I know. All I wanted to be was Luke Skywalker, yes I know most of you prefer Han Solo, and the hot woman, ended up been Luke's sister, even after kissing, (are you sick Lucas!!). I was just so into this trilogy I loved everything in it. I have never grown out of it. I have even read quite a few of the novels in the "Expended Universe" as we call it, got a few Lego models and not forgetting 1 or 2 action figures. Myself and a few friends would just spend weekends off school re-watching these films over and over again, huge part of my High School life revolved around Star Wars ha ha. I was not a huge fan of the prequels, but I am most intrigued by the new Disney films, because Disney say they will use puppets and models as well as CGI. I for one jumped for joy at this give me puppet Yoda over CGI Yoda any day!!.
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