Thursday, 11 July 2013

Any Favourite move scenes?

Just a quick post on my phone, I finally watched the brilliant Gary Oldman movie about Beethoven "Immortal Beloved". Now those of you that know me well know I like rock music, but, I do appreciate classical music especially a bit of Ludwig Van. Now there is a scene in this film where we see the first performance of the 9th Symphony fourth movement "Ode to Joy", this is probably my favourite Beethoven piece, (listen to it everyday without fail), now this scene just took my breath away it's so poignant and powerful and emotional it is the standout scene in the film, so now I've gone on about that I want to know of there is any movie scene that you loved so much that you will probably never forget it, please let me know by using any means of contact you see on the right, il even mention them on the site so get on touch. Review of Immortal Beloved will be uploaded at the weekend thanks all.
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