Monday, 17 June 2013

Movie Review: Man Of Steel (2013)

In his 75th year of continuous publication in comic books, Superman is back on the big screen!

The Story begins in the usual way of the Planet Krypton facing its impending doom. This version of Krypton reminded me of the version from the 1950s comic books showing the various fauna of the planet. We are introduced to Jor-El played by Russell Crowe and the obviously villainous General Zod. Jor-El and his Mrs, Lara, decide to send their newly born son to a different world because of the impending doom the Planet Krypton faces. Yes that's right it's Earth and you know who this baby becomes. He is raised by the Kents in a little farming town in Kansas..... No it's not Auntie Em, Dorothy and Toto, and we ain't off to Oz! 

This boy is named Clark Kent, but we are not introduced to him as a boy no sir, we meet him as a fisherman!. I liked this idea because it gives Director Zack Snyder chance to feed us titbits of back story of young Clark Kent and his "Father" Jonathan played by Kevin Costner, in great flash back scenes. Some people hate this sort of thing but I like it, it worked for Orson Welles in Citizen Kane in 41 so if it ain't broke why fix it.

The storyline sort of follows the classic Superman 2, with General Zod been the main villain of the piece with some of his cronies, just like the before mentioned film, he breaks free from a sort of imprisonment, to exact revenge. But this film comes with a mixture of a storyline from the comic books a few years ago called "New Krypton" (it's a good read). The storyline is great but I kinda gutted there was no mention of Lex Luthor, even just a little mention would do, they do it in other comic book movies.

The cast is brilliant, Jersey (that's the channel island in the UK) born Henry Cavill is brilliant as Superman, just one thing I didn't like I would of loved to of seen some scenes of a mild mannered Clark Kent to truly stretch his acting muscles, because after all this is two characters in one. Amy Adams is okay, I mean she doesn't exactly set the screen on fire like the way she did in "The Fighter" or even "The Muppets" but that said, she did well with what she was given. Hopefully both will get chance to stretch their acting muscles in the sequel, of which I'm sure there will be. The two fathers of the film are brilliant too. Russell Crowe popping up now and then as Jor-El, In fact he appeared that many times I was hoping the next time he would appear he would break into song and sing, "I am Jor-El" sort of homage to his character Javert in Les Miserables or maybe that's just me, but joking aside he is good in the role. Along with Crowe it was also great to see Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent, he perfectly plays the wise "father" to whom Clark models his personality on. 

This is a Zack Snyder film so, yes the action pieces are amazing, they totally manage to do more damage to Metropolis with the action scenes then even Godzilla could probably pull off.

Now as a life long DC Comics fan whom enjoys the Marvel films but feeling sad we only get Batman and an okay-ish Green Lantern film, does this film stand up for what I wanted. Yes it does this is the Superman film I wanted to see, I am not just a life long DC Comics fan but Superman also happens to be my favorite comic book character with Green Lantern close in second. The cast is great, the storyline works, the action scenes are great (even tho sometimes I was thinking need to be broken up a bit more). All in all a great comic book movie with plenty of actions scenes and drama at the start, just please give me some Clark Kent in the next movie, that been said maybe its because I'm a huge fan of Reeve and his brilliant acting as two totally different personalities that I want to see that again.
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