Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Movie Review: Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

Space the final frontier.......Maybe but at least they make some awesome films!!
The follow up to the brilliant Star Trek reboot of 2009. This film starts in a huge burst of red color, it blew me away straight away. It starts in a forest of red tree like plant things (I have no idea what they are because its alien ha ha). We see two figures running through this forest been chased by some very anemic looking alien tribes people, this scene got my attention straight away because of the use of color and cinematography, it is the perfect intro.These figures been chased end up been our very own James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) and Dr. "Bones" McCoy (Karl Urban). Its the perfect way to re-introduce us to these beloved characters. 

John Harrison, played brilliantly by Britain's very own Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch, is a former Starfleet head honcho, but decides to do something very bad, which has Kirk and his crew following him to an Alien planet, fans of old Trek will love this certain planet. They are ready to take his life in the name of revenge.... but Kirk would rather take him back to Earth to stand for trial, what happens is some great twists, topped off with stunning action set pieces and pure drama scenes.

This film is very Dark because of Cumberbatch totally eating up the scenery as the brilliant John Harrison, he is pure evil, the look in his eyes and that sadistic tone of voice is just beautifully played by Cumberbatch. After I was so dissapointed with the promised "villain" in Iron Man 3, I was overjoyed to finally see a villain who was just pure nasty, but also acted so well, he comes across as such a real threat. Iv said it before I love a good villain you cannot have Batman without Joker and Star Wars without Darth Vader just would not work, so it was great to see the first true unhinged dangerous character this year in cinema. 
The script is great but one niggle, I don't know what is going on with romance in films this year but relationships following on from previous films just are not going anywhere (yes Iron Man 3 I'm looking at you as well). Come on guys let these relationships develop more, were not watching Pandas!!. Saying that the true relationship of Trek, is the friendship between Kirk and Spock and that totally gets explored in this film to full effect.

The action scenes are amazing in this film, Cumberbatch worked hard to get into shape for this film and it shows (hes usually quite thin because of the Sherlock TV series). He is amazing in his fight scenes very relentless.

The cast is awesome, best ensemble since Silver Linings Playbook for me. Simon Pegg is back as Scotty and gets more screen time this time round, which for me was great, he keeps coming in with perfectly timed one-liners and I loved it. Karl Urban as Bones is as great as he was in the last film, with his brilliant use of metaphors. Chris Pine as Kirk comes across more vulnerable in this film and not quite as cocky as he was last time, I for one liked this better than last time. Zachery Quinto has got Spock to perfection, but he also did in the last film, just so calm, cool and non feeling as Spock should be. One member of the cast for me shocked me because I had no idea he was in it!. That is Peter Weller who played Robocop in the original trilogy, when I was a teen I adored the first Robocop, lost count amount of times I watched it, so to see him back in a film with a real meaty role was great for me, he plays the top guy at Starfleet. New comer Alice Eve as Dr Carol lights up the screen she is great to watch, (well its either that or maybe I was just besotted in her).

J.J. Abrams has woven together a brilliant stand alone film, which is what I think he was aiming for. Not only that he also pleases the newcomers to Trek and old Trekkie fans too, there is plenty for each side to take away from this film. My only down side is that I am not keen on the way Spock found out how to stop John Harrison and find out more info on him, it for me was a really bad cop out, I have this image in my head of future sequels been "Oh Spock lets do that again", please don't. To finish if your a newcomer you will love this, if your a Trekkie there is plenty for you to also enjoy, trust me. This is the best film I have seen so far this year, I have seen a lot, it is going to be a tough one to top.
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