Sunday, 12 May 2013

Movie Review: Iron Man 3

This film should be called Iron Meh 3! I said the Avengers would be tough to follow!

Okay where do I start, complete and utter Disappointment. I was Gutted. But I did leave with a smile on my face, its just not the film I wanted or was hoping for. Disney/Marvel you had best get Thor 2 right!.

I will follow that up later. Iron Man 3 finds our Avenger trying to cope with things after New York (The Avengers 2012). But there is a new super terrorist who hates America and all it stands for (think Osama Bin Laden). This terrorist calls himself the " The Mandarin" played menacingly by the great Ben Kingsley. The Mandarin takes over every channel in the USA to tell them about his latest exploits of terrorism. If you have seen the various trailers you know this guy means business and is a complete psychopath, but he comes across as a very dark villain whom I was very much looking froward to. Tony Stark takes it on himself to take on The Mandarin, but this is not a great move his whole world crashes around him, he must fight for his and Pepper's survival.
 Iron Man 3 (2013) Poster

Now that's over lets get on with my review.... Jon Favreau stepped out of the Director role he held on the last two Iron Man films. Because of this he has a bigger role in this film with his character Hogan than the last two films. The only thing is I find these scenes with Favreau annoying, he is just not likeable at all to me, I found myself just wishing for Downey Jr or Ben Kingsley to just turn up and get some action scenes going!. Robert Downey Jr and Gwyneth Paltrow are great as ever in their roles, this is their fourth film together so they totally understand their character. Only one thing lets them down I don't know why they did it but the script just does not let their relationship develop more, its like we are still stuck at second base from the last films, I would probably get more joy watching them Pandas at Edinburgh Zoo!.

Now when the trailers were finally released, we got glimpses of my second favorite Marvel comics villain of all time (after Dr Doom) "The Mandarin", and wow Sir Ben Kingsley playing him this was going to be a beautiful moment in cinema. The Mandarin is to Iron Man what Joker is to Batman. Stan Lee created The Mandarin to be Iron Man's main villain. So you can imagine my excitement at finally seeing this character on the big screen, I mean I even wanted him in the first film. So why am I going on about him so much?. Lets just say he is not the character we were promised, it starts of wonderful this pure evil and dark terrorist, Stark has met his match, this was going to be the Dark Knight of Iron Man movies... but its not what it seems and when we find out who he really is.... put this way I lost faith in this film I was Gutted. From what I have read round the internet a lot of fans are annoyed at how The Mandarin turned out, so I do not understand why they did it. Its like Director Shane Black promised us this character and then thought "You know what no screw the Iron Man fans".

The film goes into comedy territory way too much for me, I laughed a lot but then got annoyed and thought I should not be laughing this film was suppose to be Dark not light hearted, the trailers lied, they were selling us the wrong movie. Tony Stark spends more time as himself than Iron Man, now I don't know about you but I watch Iron Man for the suits and action (you all know I love dramas but this is a comic book film!). There is a few saving graces that helped put a smile on my face. Downey Jr as ever owns it, what more could you expect, Guy Pearce is brilliant, but he always is to me, I feel hes very underrated actor always been a favorite ever since LA Confidential. Ben Kingsley is awesome in the first half huge fan of this guy so was overjoyed to see him get something meaty and to eat scenery with.... while it lasted!! Thanks for that. Tony Stark makes friends with a child in Tennessee (hope I spelt that right if not I'm very sorry), these scenes are a joy to watch the friendship they have and how they help each other is great.

The ending is brilliantly done too. MAKE SURE YOU STAY AFTER THE CREDITS FINISH.

To finish I personally felt annoyed that I didn't get the film I wanted (or the trailers showed), maybe as such a huge Stan Lee era Iron Man fan it let me down. But saying that if you enjoyed all the previous films you will love this.
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