Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Movie Review: Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

A Brilliant sexual thriller... Or Tom Cruise's failed attempts to get laid. Either way I loved it!
Eyes Wide Shut (1999) Poster
This is a sad moment for me been putting off watching and writing about this movie, because, I miss Stanley Kubrick. Stanley Kubrick is one of my favorite Directors of all time every film he did is unique and has his own quirky Kubricksion touch. This film does not disappoint on them merits.

The film follows Tom Cruise as  Dr. Bill Harford, who is shocked when his wife, Alice(played brilliantly by Nicole Kidman), reveals that she had thought about having an affair a year ago. Bill decides to go on a night of adventures and discovery of his own. This involves, hookers, late night costume hire, old friends and some weird orgy cult group.

The film has the typical Kubrick touches that I adore from him, the film has that usual thing of what the hell is he trying to tell us with this movie, which I like from Kubrick he makes films that make you think, films that stay in your head when you have stopped watching them. I have said it a hundred times before Kubrick makes his films for sound and vision, fair enough this is probably his most Drama film but the use of colors in the Cult scenes and his usual touch of the use of classical music (Back to the music of Johann Strauss II, last used in 2001).

The use of the camera is brilliant. Kubrick decides to have long shots with the camera following the actors, sort of "panning" around them. With the use of these long scenes it gives it a more fluid feel. The two leads are amazing in their roles, yes even Tom Cruise. It showed that they both loved working with Kubrick pushing their performances for him. Its a shame we never got to see the three of them together again. One scene where they are arguing is just pure acting from them both, especially Kidman she does so well here, so much intensity.

The scenes with the before mentioned Cult are amazing the use of color just jumps out at you, from the red cloak of the guy in charge to the different masks all the people are wearing, but saying that do not watch this film with your mother! This is probably Kubricks most ADULT movie. In the UK it has an 18 certificate and I believe the US gave it an R Rating believe me they are right, the scenes involving the Orgy Cult are not for young eyes at all, or you mother or come to that your grandmother.
If you like a good Hitchcock type cat and mouse movie I strongly recommend it. I was glued to it, for me it was the perfect epitaph of that Visionary, Quirky and damn well one of a kind Directors Mr Stanley Kubrick. You either take this film as one of two things a brilliantly dark thriller or a dark comedy as Tom Cruise just can't seem to get laid.
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