Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Movie Review: The Beaver (2011)

"Everyone loves a train wreck, especially one they're not in." - The Beaver. Strange, bizarre, dark, different.... Very different, but I bloody love it! Well Mel's strange Ray Winstone impression aside...

Mel's character Walter Black has lost his way, he's depressed and fed up of everything. So he leaves his wife and kids one night, on his way to a motel he finds a puppet of a beaver in a dumpster. He decides to take the beaver with him. and after a few failed suicide attempts... We hear this Cockney accent.... It comes from the beaver, well Walter taking for the beaver. Oh yes Mel Gibson decides to talk like Ray Winstone for "the Beaver". He tells his family and co-workers that beaver is now in charge, well it changes Ray and everyone else around him, just like Harvey in 1950. This film is such a breath of fresh air, Mel Gibson just plays a character I have not really seen him or anyone else really play before. The only similar performance I can think of is James Stewart in Harvey (1950), unlike Stewart tho who has a imaginary giant rabbit friend, Gibson has his hand up a puppet beaver and voices him himself! So to me its quite unique.

Seeing Mel Gibson talking to himself in the early scenes with the Beaver is just great acting, he looks pained and makes us believe he is a man at his end. The music that plays in this film also works really well, various scenes of Mel getting ready for work with the Beaver on his hand doing simple tasks like combing hair, are played with a tune that's used over again and fits in really well.

Director and co star Jodie Foster (who plays Walter's wife), puts together a dark, surreal but at the same time a wonderful drama, its a real missed gem. Jennifer Lawrence also stars in a early role two years before her oscar winning turn in Silver Linings Playbook, I tell you something she is one hell of a talent even in this film, in a small role, she just grabs your attention.

You start to realise just like his wife that all this Beaver stuff may of changed their lives but.... Its just not right, she wants to celebrate their wedding anniversary without the Beaver and her husband is lost without the Beaver, he keeps it on his hand all the time, this man really needs help.

Jodie Foster is trying to get her husband back, its brilliant to watch, this man has given up on life that he is scared to even talk as himself now or he's just so far gone into this "Beaver" persona, that he doesn't realise his depression has made him go mad. To be honest its a show case of a descent into madness when someone feels all is lost. I was glued all the way through this film, its a great Drama, not the best but it is worth the watch. Just one flaw for me its really short so hence the short review not much you can talk about it really.

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