Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Joining Movie Madness Podcast

I have great news I am joining the great guys at http://www.moviemadnesspodcast.com/. I will still be posting things on here so this wont be the end of this little blog. If you have itunes or listen to Podcasts please check these guys out they put on a great show and love movies just like yours truly. I shall be posting on their site time to time so if you can please check out their site I would be very grateful, I have put a link to the site on this post and there is one on my links list. I'm not sure what I will be posting between the two sites but watch this space. I'm still going to finish my history of cinema and the movies article and that will be for the blog, anyhow enjoy my blog and check out Movie Madness for me. Thanks James
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