Sunday, 3 March 2013

Top 5 Movie Directors

I am a huge movie buff, as I am sure you all have noticed. I am at that stage now tho where I rarely get excited over actors/actresses, its mostly the Director I go for now, like if these people on this list that are still with us today, I get so damn excited over their new film any how onto my Top 5 Directors.

5. Park Chan-Wook
South Korea's finest director, also in my mind the best director in Asia. I spent a lot of my late teens early twenties obsessed with Asian cinema, started off with Japanese Anime, then I discovered Bruce Lee, which got me to Jackie Chan, Jet Li, then Chow Yun Fat and everything Hong Kong Cinema, then I moved out field to Japan and South Korea and Park blew me away. He always makes films so different from everyone else he is light years ahead, Oldboy his most famous work is just sheer masterpiece of cinema, a perfect revenge film, it was that great that Hollywood is remaking it, much to my distaste but hey. Three films you need to see of this director are: Oldboy, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance and JSA- Joint Security Area. Joint Security Area is by no means his best but for his usual work its different, it revolves around a soldier getting shot on no mans land on the border of modern day North and South Korea, it is pure class suspense cinema, trying to piece together why he was shot and by whom, brilliant stuff. His first English Language film has just been released "Stoker" starring Nicole Kidman, hopefully I'll catch it soon, its top of my list of films at cinema now to see, purely because of Park been a brilliant director.
Chan-wook Park Picture

4. Christopher Nolan
My Favourite modern day Director (tho Ben Affleck is close to that crown too), this man for me excites me every time he makes a film, nobody does storytelling and unusual films like this man, just look at Prestige and my personal favourite Inception, both brilliant, stand out and  different pieces of film for this era of cinema. Now there is a certain comic book trilogy that this guy made too, something about a man dressed as a Bat fighting crime, been in print in comic form since the late 1930's.. Oh that's right Batman. There isn't much I can say about his fine Batman Trilogy other then, Wow they almost took my number one spot on my comic book list (1978 Superman still my favourite I'm afraid can't hide my passion of that film). We needed a new vision of the Dark Knight and who else could do it other than this Director, he took Batman and... Bam!! Brought him to the real world, Christopher Bale may not be my favourite Batman/Bruce Wayne but there is no hiding the fact of how good and dark these films are. The Story telling is absolutely spot on and direction superb, for me Nolan is the real star of these Batman films!
Christopher Nolan Picture

3. Steven Spielberg
I had to put Beardy in, he may not be the Academy's most celebrated director (one oscar for Schindlers list) but movie goers watch him. His worst films are still consider better than most peoples work! Films like Always, Hook, Munich, while not brilliant or his best are still loved and watched. The first film I saw was Jaws and wow amazing film I thought but then, I watched and adored the Indiana Jones trilogy pure brilliance as I am sure most people agree, these films are just some of the finest ever, my favourite "trinity" of movie gods Spielberg, Lucas and Ford all time up to give us the adventures of Dr Jones.. That 4th movie doesn't exist.. Well for me anyway. There is one film I can always watch over again of his and that is Jurassic Park, the wonder of this film when it first came out is amazing, I had never seen anything like it before 10 year old me was blown away. With recent hits like the War Horse and the brilliant Lincoln, this director is not going away, he is still one of the finest. Honorable mention to ET for scaring me to bits as a child! And yes I know it isn't scary, I can watch it now. I need to go back and watch Schindler I haven't seen it for a while.
Steven Spielberg Picture

2. Stanley Kubrick
My newly discovered and 2nd director favourite director. Don't get me wrong there I knew Kubrick years ago but only ever seen "The Shining". But now having seen most of his films, I can safely say wow what a guy he was, every film is different be it horror with The Shining or Historical with Barry Lyndon. His best work, are his what I term, WTF!! movies, by this I mean films that you have to study and pay attention to get what they mean, I adore movies like that, they never leave you, his WTF movies are: Dr Strangelove, 2001 a Space Odyssey and A Clockwork Orange, I have reviewed 2001 and shall be doing the other two at a later date. I recommend all his films.
Stanley Kubrick Picture

1. Alfred Hitchcock
Come on you must of seen this coming! They guy I talk about the most, he is the good of cinema! I have done a Top 5 list of this man so not going to say much about the films on there. His work is always my favourite, I turn to Hitchcock so many times, his use of music, camera angles and suspense is just amazing. One of my favourite screen shots is in Frenzy where the camera comes out of the killers flat and comes slowly down the stairs and out of the door, while he is killing his latest victim, its pure genius, the cleverness of Hitch he let's see what he wants us to see, and then he just teases us with things, as if testing our intelligence. The ultimate master, Hitchcock you are my favourite of all time!
Alfred Hitchcock Picture

Honorable mentions go to Clint Eastwood I had to leave him off but he is so close to been with these guys, the greatest Actor who became a Director in my mind. Also Ben Affleck, Director of 3 brilliant modern day Classics that I a have mentioned on this blog and with "Argo" his best yet, he is going to be one to watch, I never thought I'd say that about him, huge fan of Affleck the Director!
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