Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Top 5 Actresses

Lauren Bacall Picture 5. Lauren Bacall
A huge surprise for some people I bet, seen as she is not really that well known. Lauren Bacall is my number 5 purely because of them 4 movies she did with the love of her life, Humphrey Bogart (whom happens to be my number one actor, Actors top 5 here). She is amazing her raspy yet rich sensual voice , that down cast look she had, no wonder Bogart fell in love with her at first sight. The 4 films they did together: To have to have not, The Big sleep, Key Largo and Dark Reckoning, are some of my favourite film noirs, these two light screen up so well together.
Marilyn Monroe Picture

4. Marilyn Monroe
She had to be here, the Ultimate Blonde Bombshell! She is probably the most popular actress of all time, also more than likely the most famous Hollywood film icon the world has ever seen. The best thing about watching Monroe apart from the obvious list: the gorgeous looks, body and wonderful singing voice is... How she can actually act and not just play a dumb blonde, (which she wasn't in real life), look at films like Bus Stop and The Prince and Showgirl she is such a brilliant actress In these films, totally shut up them critics. I am not going to talk much about her films because sometime in the future I shall be doing a Top 10 of Miss Monroe so keep a look out, till then I recommend Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Bus Stop and my favourite comedy of all time Some like it Hot, which happens to be in my top 10 list of films.

Elizabeth Taylor Picture3. Elizabeth Taylor
Now I was torn between which to have at 3rd and 2nd because I love them both equally, but I had to decide so the wonderful Elizabeth Taylor is here, the most beautiful dark haired actress of all time for me, but I have to talk about her movies. First one I saw of adult Liz was Giant, one of my favourite films of all time, its a film that follows a family through their lives on a ranch, Elizabeth played the lead with Rock Hudson and the legendary James Dean. Liz blew me away with this film amazing performance throughout I was hooked on her. Cleopatra is another favourite the film that nearly made 20th Century Fox bankrupt! She plays Cleo with such fire and passion in this film I love it. Cat on a hot tin roof is a great performance too, she totally out performs Paul Newman, of all people on this film. She had an amazing career for many years, from child star in Lassie right up to that god awful Flintstones sequel in her later life. She was a legend, I was heart broken when she died a few years back, she is very much missed by all of Hollywood and the movie business.

2. Grace Kelly
The most beautiful Actress ever! Alfred Hitchcock was obsessed with her, way too much he was. She was mesmerizing and a great actress too. I have done a top 5 list of my favourite movies of Grace Kelly.

1. Katharine Hepburn
It had to be, once again the AFI number one is also my number one. She is my number one for two simple reasons, 1. Her long running career she had an amazingly long career in the limelight, 2. Ms Hepburn could do any role, be it Dramatic, comedy or even cross dressing! She is a true legend of the Silver screen. I will be doing a top 10 of Katharine Hepburn list in the future. Nobody can do the emotions or even comedy timing of KH, she is just wonderful to watch, sometimes strong and independent or just brilliant in screwball comedies. You have to check out Bringing up Baby her best screwball comedy and any film she did with her off screen "partner" Spencer Tracy. If Bogart and Bacall are my favourite screen couple, Tracy and Hepburn are my close second, they are wonderful together, you can get a DVD boxset of four of their films together (Tracy and Hepburn Collection), I say get it, or rent it off that dvd postal  site. African Queen is worth a punt I reviewed that too. On Golden Pond was one of her last and finest performances I recommend it.
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