Friday, 15 February 2013

Warm Bodies Review

Warm Bodies (2013) PosterThis for me is the surprise of the year so far and if your a regular reader or have me on Facebook you know I go to the cinema a lot. For a zombie film its very clean. It has 12 rating I think, so that tells you something about the amount of gore.

The film revolves around a zombie called R played by Nicholas Hoult, who has grown into quite the Hollywood star (also stars in the upcoming Jack the Giant Slayer) after appearing as a child with Hugh Grant in About A Boy (haven't seen it but I have read the original Nick Hornby book and Hugh Grant for me personally isn't suited for that character). R is walking through a airport terminal explaining to us by monologue what has happened to the world, and how he is different to the rest of the zombies for instance, he dreads eating flesh, he's worried about what he'll become and so on. These monologues for me a pure genius. There is one line he says that made the film for me. R is there with his "friends" hunting for food and the monologue goes something like "we hunt in packs safer because you can always end up shot in the head going alone... Damn we move so slow.. This could take a while" pure genius that line, please make more zombie rom-coms for lines like that!

Anyhow R introduces us to his best friend and explains how they try and have a conversation which mostly involves a lot of groans and huhs (is that a word I don't know). They decide to go for food enter some "living" humans who are sent in to the zone to cull numbers of zombies by a badass tyrant, played by everybody's second favourite bald guy.... John Malkovich.

But it doesn't go well R and his crew meet them but when R sees this girl (played by Teresa Palmer ) the 80s classic song "I'll be missing you" kicks in and its love on first sight unfortunately he attacks her boyfriend, okay I admit not a great first impression to show a girl your in love at first sight. We find out be eating someone's brains the zombies take on that persons memories which is great because these are shown in wonderful flash back scenes.

R takes her away to his home (a plane on a runway which is housed with things he finds and collects) which he tries to explain is "safe". This is where this film goes where I did not expect no flesh eating or anything usual for a zombie film to go, just these two learning things  from each other and genuine getting alone with a great 80s soundtrack supplied by R's Vinyl collection. One scene with Bruce Springsteen's "Hungry Heart" is really heartwarming. There is another brilliant scene where R tells her to walk like she's dead pure black comedy territory in this scene.

Like Beauty and the Beast they fall in love strange I know! But somehow it works you have seen them develop over the movie you are with them. The love they develop starts to change R and his friends. Trying my best to do this spoiler free. Let's say there is some bad totally gone no hope left for them zombies that want to stop this from happening so we have a huge climax where everyone is involved and we can't help but hope that John Malkovich will change to a better person.

I left this film feeling that it was a film about been human and proving that love can conquer all and an Apocalypse doesn't have to be the end of a world but could be the start of a new one.

I went to see this because reviewers and critics were saying great things about how its so different and heart warming and not at all like Twilight I agree I can see why they are crazy over it I am too. I cannot recommend it enough. I love  the 80s rock soundtrack the hope of it all and the warming feeling of it its not some copy of Shaun of the Dead its not as funny as that, but its also not a chick flick or typical rom-com I don't know what it is... hang a do a bloody great feel good film.
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