Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Top 5 Star Wars Original Trilogy Characters

With Disney now busy making the new trilogy, I thought I would go back and re-watch my favourite movie series, and tell you my top 5 Star Wars Characters, these are from the original trilogy so anybody expecting moody teenage Anakin or that Jar Jar character sorry to disappoint. In the words of  that Jar Jar "oo messa looksa bombard".

5. Emperor Palpatine
Okay so to kick this off we have the mastermind of the Evil Empire. We first get a glimpse of him in Empire Strikes Back with Darth Vader kneeling before him. We finally get to meet him proper in Return of the Jedi with that brilliant "Emperor March" theme from John Williams. I love this guy he just looked so dark and mysterious and you could believe he would be the one behind Vader, when i first saw him fire them lighting bolts at Luke I was blown away. His voice was amazing that dark twisted sounding serious voice.

4. Han Solo

 I know fellow Star Wars fans will hate me for him been here, when most fans will probably put him first, but....Star Wars has so many great characters. Han Solo is an amazing character, the rouge is just so believable played by Harrison Ford. The wise cracks the cockiness he is just a great character. We see him change as well before our eyes from lonely space rouge to hero and lover. The scene in Empire where hes frozen in Carbonite and Leia expresses her love for him, his reply is just so understated yet powerful too, pure brilliance.

3. Yoda
Yes I had to make him my third. Forget that horrible non puppet modern day version, Yoda in Empire is just an amazing character. The little, humble, funny voiced alien in a swamp! He comes across as pure comedy at first, when hes going through Luke's personal belongings is just so funny, but then the seriousness comes out and we believe like Luke that he is actually a very wise old Jedi. Brilliant voice acting and puppetry by Frank Oz (and he is Miss Piggy).

2. Darth Vader
Oh yes he is my favourite Movie Villain of all time this is the legend! Everything about Vader is brilliant the imposing height, the voice (James Earl Jones), the look of him and the downright evilness of him. How can you not like Vader the way he chokes people and just throws them aside like they are his personal toy collection, pure evil. Nothing gets in his way he gets what he wants and doesn't care, you know someone is bad ass when even his own men fear him!
 1. Luke Skywalker
Yes believe it or not, Luke is my favourite character from the original trilogy. The simple farm boy who goes on to join an ancient knight hood and stop a evil empire. He is just the character the teenage me wanted to be Luke Skywalker was my teenage hero, the journey he goes on, how much stronger he gets I admired him. He went from shy young Luke to strong powerful Jedi in 3 movies he was so believable and I was hooked on Star Wars because of this character. I have read many of the Novels set after the Trilogy, many of them seem to follow Luke more, much to my enjoyment. List of Star Wars Novels here.


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