Sunday, 17 February 2013

Top 5 Grace Kelly

Now when I first started this blog this is one top five list that was on my mind straight away. Anybody who has read my Hitchcock review and my top five Alfred Hitchcock films, you probably know how much I adore Grace Kelly. So here it is the top five list of one of the greatest and most beautiful Hollywood actresses of all time. The woman who went on to become Princess Grace of Monaco.

5. High Noon (1952)
This was the role that made Hollywood notice Grace. Even tho she is in a small role she still stands out. This one of my favourite classic westerns. She plays the newly wedded wife to Gary Cooper's Sheriff. She happens to be a Quaker so all she wants is the simple life away from violence. But as they are about to leave on their honeymoon, news breaks out that a bandit has just been released from jail, whom happens to have a personal vendetta against Gary Cooper, and he also happens to be on his way to town to deal with him.
This prompts Gary Cooper to go round town and try and find people to rally with him. Most of the people are to scared to help even tho he's help't them. Can't say much more because it will spoil it but we have a brilliant showdown at High Noon when the bandits get to town.

4. The Swan (1956)
Irony of all ironies its great that she made this film playing a Princess who is going to marry a Prince, seen as the time she made this she was engaged to the prince of Monaco. So she was on her way to become a real life princess.   The film follows Grace Kelly as Princess... who has going to marry Prince... Played by the legendary British actor old Obi Wan himself Alec Guinness. Who steals this film as the eccentric prince he's such a funny character, total opposite of what Princess... and her family were expecting of him. So anyhow he comes to visit them to introduce himself to the family. Only one thing is in the way Princess... Is secretly in love with her fencing instructor played by.... The prince finds out about this but he is too much of nice guy to act on it, so what we have is Princess... Deciding between the man she loves or marrying for her family. Brilliant performance by Grace.

3. To Catch a Thief (1955)
I talked about this in my Hitchcock top five here's the link.. So I'll just talk about Grace. This was the first film I saw with her in she blew me away with them amazing looks. No wonder Alfred Hitchcock was obsessed with her.. In fairness tho he did go to far with it. The scenes where she wears the white dress she looks amazing. In one scene herself and Cary Grant are about to make love, we can tell, but instead we are shown fireworks going off outside for the time this was a new idea. Fireworks going off to show love making how many films do we see that in now!

2. Rear Window (1954)
Once again in my top 5 Hitchcock movie list link. Once again her beauty mesmerizes us. We all wish we were James Stewart and woke up with a kiss from her.

1. The Country Girl (1954)
It had to be this, her oscar winning role. Look back over oscar winners and you will see its a lot of the time people who do something different from their usual roles (Charlize Theron in Monster comes to mind). This is Grace Kelly doing different. A low budget black and white movie which has her wearing glasses all the time, no make up and not looking her usual beautiful self. Grace plays wife to Bing Crosby (in a non singing role!) who is a stage singer but they are both suffering from some kind of trauma and can't seem to get over it this affects their marriage. Him drinking all time, while she tries her best to stand by her man. We find out the reason for the trauma in a brilliant heart breaking scene with Bing Crosby. Its a brilliant film and shows Grace Kelly's acting range, it also stars William Holden in a great supporting role who wants to be there for Grace. Well deserved her oscar.
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