Sunday, 3 February 2013

Top 5 Alfred Hitchcock

February 8th is when our cinema screens will be showing at last Hitchcock, which stars Anthony Hopkins as the man himself. From what i can gather the film is about the making of Psycho. So i thought my next top 5 would be Mr Hitchcock himself.

5 North By Northwest (1959) This film is one of them Hitchcock stories of mistaken identity, starring Cary Grant as Roger O. Thornhill who is chased across America by agents of a mysterious organization who want to stop his interference in their plans to smuggle out microfilm containing government secrets. Cary Grant as ever is on top from (I understand this was one of the films that made people want him to be James Bond). This film has one of the most famous cinema scenes of all time the scene where Cary is chased by a crop dusting plane you just don't expect it. James Mason plays a shadowy figure in his usual scene stealing self, do you trust him or don't you! The amazing climax takes place on the various faces of the presidents on Mount Rushmore (which they built a replica of) brilliant and suspenseful showdown.

4 To Catch a Thief (1955) I had to have this in here, it may not be one of Hitchcock's best but it holds a special place in my heart the, it was the film that introduced me to Grace Kelly. I fell in love instantly. Anyhow to get on with the story.... Another wrong man film from the master of suspense. Cary Grant plays a retired cat burglar called originally enough "The Cat". He is forced out of retirement because of a copy cat (great pun isnt it) thief. Its the usual Hitchcock fair who do you trust, who could it be, but all I can say is Grace Kelly was beautiful in this film. Sorry going off track again, we eventually find out who the copy cat is on a roof showdown.

3 Rear Window (1954) Now this film is nodded at and copied so so many times. Its a true suspense masterpiece with James Stewart and again the lovely Grace Kelly (not going to witter on i'm sure you know by now). James Stewart plays a photographer who has broken his leg, so instead of spending time with his gorgeous fiance (Grace Kelly) he spends his time looking out of his apartment window watching various people live their lives, from a guy always trying to create music to a woman obsessed with her dog, but he thinks he has seen some domestic violence and murder, so he gets his fiance involved in finding out what happened and once again its... has it happened, who do we trust, did he really and where is she. Cant say much spoilers and all but the climax once again is pure brilliance.

2 Shadow of a Doubt (1943) I love this film. I am a huge fan of Joseph Cotten, such a brilliant actor of his time. This from what I have seen from various books and websites is Hitchcock's personal favorite film. A teenager Charlotte "Charlie" Newton (Teresa Wright), complains that nothing seems to be happening in her life. Then, she gets some news that her uncle, Charlie Oakley (Joseph Cotten),who is her mother's younger brother, is coming home for a visit. But Uncle Charlie is not quite what he seems, played brilliantly by Joseph Cotten he steals the film with his eyes, a sinister look and his voice . Its once again do you trust him or don't you film. The suspense builds up and again, we have another brilliant climax this time taking place on a train.

There was only going to be one film for me at the top of the Master of Suspense list, its the one the only Psycho (1960). I am not going to say much because this will be my first Hitchcock film review more than like. By now I'm sure everyone knows that famous shower scene with Janet Leigh, the famous music that also goes with it. A brilliant film that pretty much tells us never ever stay at Bates Motel the Mother and Son called Norman are not quite what they seem......

Thanks for reading i try not to say too many spoilers so sorry if they are only brief. But if you have your own thoughts and top 5 Hitchcock films please let me know, you would love to hear from you.
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