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Top 5 Al Pacino

                                               My Personal Al Pacino Top 5 Performances

Al Pacino is one of my favourite actors of all time, maybe not top 5 but he is close and what a film star he is. In my mind and personal opinion nobody can light the screen up in a ranting rage as this man. So I thought he would be the perfect first actor to do a top 5 of. Remember this is my own personal top 5 Al Pacino performances if you have your own please share them in the comments or email anyhow hope you enjoy.

5. The Devil's Advocate (1997)
The Devil's Advocate (1997) Poster
Okay here we go at 5 its The Devil's Advocate. By no way no not one of his best films but for sure performance and scene eating by the man himself I had to put it here. The story revolves round Keanu Reeves who plays a little country Lawyer who us so successful in his job, he gets notices by a big firm in New York, that happens to be run by Al Pacino. Keanu and his wife played by Charlize Theron, move to an apartment in New York supplied by his new boss. But all is not what it seems, with his boss or the firm. Lets say things get a bit out of the extreme and dark. The movie has twists a plenty especially in the ending. Anyhow talking about Al Pacino i have this here for the ending, cant give much away but Al Pacino is on "fire" here, amazing speech and totally having a rant and pretty much eating the scenery here, which I always love from him.

4. Scarface (1983)
Scarface (1983) Poster
You cant do a top 5 list of this actor without this film. Brian De Palma with this film put Pacino back to the top and its not hard to see why. Its the story of Tony Montana a Cuban immigrant who takes over a drug cartel but falls to his own greed. Its an amazing classic film of the 80s everyone has to see this film, instead of zero to hero, we get Nero to zero. Tony doesn't care who goes through to get to the top he wants to get there even turning on his own friends. Its the perfect showcase of how greed can makith the man but also destroy the man.
Al Pacino is brilliant in this role, even putting on a Cuban accent all the way through, and perfectly playing the anger and greediness of this man. I know it would probably be a lot of people's number one but the next three films are my favourite of his.

3 Carlito's Way (1993)

Carlito's Way (1993) PosterOnce again teaming up with De Palma. Tthis film Al Pacino plays a Puerto-Rican  who is just released from prison and wants to now change and stay away from his past life. But you just cant escape from your friends, this film i think shows that you can change but you cant change those around you. This film also has Sean Penn on form, as Al's lawyer who isnt all he seems to be. The last 20-30 minutes of this film remind me so much of Hitchcock films, this probably explains why i like it so much. It happens to be a chase of cat and mouse in a train station and you can feel your heart pumping away watching it hoping all goes well.

2. The Godfather (1972)
The Godfather (1972) Poster
What can you say about this film its amazing I'm going to review it soon (well its on my list to do). I know its Brando's performance that steals this film, but you cant help but notice Pacino as the son who doesn't want to take over and changes his whole persona, from a good man to a dark and brooding leader, he just knocks it in the park.

1. Scent of a Woman
Scent of a Woman (1992) PosterRight I know its not the greatest film on this list (look above) but as a performance of Al Pacino as an actor you cant ignore it. Yes, even the Oscars agreed with me on this (for once). Al Pacino plays a blind retired Lt Col who happens to be impossible to get along with. Enter a young Chris O'Donnell, playing a student looking for a part job, that happens to be looking after Al Pacino. But is it going to be that easy.... not quite. Thanks to the Lt Col they end up on a flight to New York, and a weekend they will never forget. I adore films like this two people thrown in at the deep end forced to get along when they are so different, and you watch them grow to like each other always feel good movies seeing an impossible friendship nourishing in front of your eyes. Al Pacino's blind character is just facinating, from his great laugh, strong nose able to tell what perfume woman are wearing. There is a great scene where he tangos with a woman in a hotel bar absolute gem to watch.
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