Monday, 25 February 2013

My Top 5 Actors of all Time

I thought now would be a great time to tell you all my top 5 favourite Actors of all time. I will also be doing a top 5 Actresses and top 5 Directors. So lets get started with this list.

5. Daniel Day-Lewis
Daniel Day-Lewis Picture This man is probably the greatest living actor we have in the movies at the moment. Mr Day-Lewis is such a great character actor I just had to have him on the list. The first film I saw which starred this actor was the Martin Scrosese 2002 film Gangs of New York. The supporting role as "Bill 'The Butcher' Cutting" was just scene stealing, he made this film for me. I then watched the Michael Mann 1992 film Last of the Mohicans. I was shocked at how this was the same actor and thus my appreciation of this fine actor was born. There will be Blood (2007) was another pure acting performance I saw, I then discovered his first Oscar winning role, My Left foot (1989), this was a marvelous performance from him, the intensity and passion he put into playing the main character was just phenomenal. Now I come to the modern day with Lincoln (2012), and wow what a performance, he once again showed that he may not be around all the time but every time he appears in a role he blows us away. Daniel Day-Lewis is one of them actors that pick any role and change his persona, character, voice and posture to match the character hes playing, from disabled Christy Brown in My Left foot to Abraham Lincoln in Lincoln he never acts the same. Truly the greatest living actor in the movies now.

4. Paul Newman
Paul Newman Picture
Yes this could be a surprise for some people, but this actor should of in my mind won more oscars than his single one for an average film. Paul Newman was one of the first classic movie actors i watched movies of, he is amazing. From the legendary Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969) to Cool Hand Luke (1967) he is just brilliant to watch. I have seen so many of his movies so I will give you my three recommendations: Cool Hand Luke (1967), The Hustler (1961) and The Sting (1973). Them three movies he should of won the best actor oscar for but only won one for The Color of Money (1986), which at best is just an average 80's film that just happens to have Tom Cruise in to. Honorable mention goes to Disney/Pixar's Cars (2006) his last film role as Doc Hudson who was the old wise one, just like Newman in real life.

3. Cary Grant
Cary Grant PictureThe British legend. What an actor and what a career. He worked with the legendary Marlene Dietrich on the film Blonde Venus in (1932) and then thrust into the limelight by the one and only Mae West in movies such as She done Him Wrong (1933) and I'm No Angel also (1933). From here Cary Grants career never stopped he worked with great Directors such as Alfred Hitchcock and starred with everyone from James Mason, Tony Curtis, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly to name a few. His career lasted over 30 years in the movies a true icon of cinema. There is even a statue of him in his birth home the English City of Bristol, and a star in their walk of fame. My favourite movies of his are: Bringing up Baby (1938), North by Northwest (1959) and To Catch A Thief (1955).

2. James Stewart 
James Stewart PictureA surprising one for me because he did a lot of westerns which i don't really like him in, but i had to include him because of three films which are some of the greatest ever for me. Harvey (1950), Its A wonderful Life (1946) and Mr Smith Goes to Washington (1939). These movies show James Stewart as the American every man the "average Joe". These characters form these films are just brilliant, he plays them with such passion and power, the people around him in these films like him and we cant help but like him too. There is a lot of scenes from Mr Smith where he puts in the performance of his life it is such wonder to watch. A true legend of the silver screen.

1. Humphrey Bogart 
Humphrey Bogart PictureSorry there is no one else who comes close to this man, even the American Film Institute agree, they named him the greatest American actor of all time. The charisma, the power, the intensity and the drama of this man is just mesmerizing. He was the biggest actor of the film noir era starring in such classics as The Maltese Falcon (1941) and The Big Sleep (1946). everything he did was great but if i had to pick, there is three films you must see, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948) where Bogey shows us a descent into madness top class acting, Casablanca (1941) which is one of my top 10 movies of all time, read my review of that here. Last but not least is To Have To Have Not (1944) the intensity between him and Lauren Bacall is just electrifying, you can tell there is something there, these two went on to become lovers and eventually marry, even tho there was a big age gap, they just light up the screen together i chose this one because its the first film of four they did together.

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