Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Hitchcock Review

This film should really be called Alfred Hitchcock and The Making of Psycho after the book of the same name, because its not just about the man himself its about his most important movie. Anyhow, the film starts like a Hitchcock trailer which made me feel some nostalgia. One man whacks another on the head with a spade, whack he's on the floor. Enter the Hitchcock voice over and the man himself... Or should I say Anthony Hopkins doing a pretty good Hitchcock impression. The voice is pretty much spot on and the way Hitchcock would stand he has it to a tea, the straight back with his bulk sticking forward. Anthony Hopkins disappears and turns into Hitchcock I was quite shocked when this film started.
Hitchcock (2012) Poster
Hitchcock movie poster from IMDB
So the film is about the making of Psycho unfortunately there is some fantasy which made me feel quite sad, the fantasy I'm referring to is we see Hitchcock talking to and watching a man killing who was the original inspiration and he has conversations with him which was a bit much for me I was hoping for a straight biopic of the making of psycho but hey ho. The film centres not only on the making of Psycho but also the relationship of /between Alfred and his wife Alma.

It has some facts right. It shows Hitch wanting to make Psycho after reading the book, but Paramount refusing the money, so him and Alma had to fund it themselves this is all true as far as I know (if I'm wrong let me know). Talking of Alma I sort of knew about her helping Hitch to make his films iv seen the video of him getting his AFI lifetime award many a time and him saying he's sharing it with his wife because she helped him. But that been said I really don't know much about Alma and from what I gathered reading and listening around neither did Helen Mirren because she was an elusive character, but wow Helen Mirren is amazing in this film. She is a true British movie icon, she plays Alma as the woman who is married to Hitch and tries her best to stand by him and stand up to him! It shows Hitch's very strong obsession with his leading ladies which is fact too I'm afraid. There is a few scenes of him just looking at various photos of them, which could be off putting for anyone who doesn't know what he was like. There is loads of shots of a Grace Kelly photo which Hitch keeps looking at, nice to see I'm not the only person mesmerized by her looks, but not to the extreme of Hitch's obsession i might add.

Anyhow with this been the making of Psycho we have the stars of Psycho appearing too, Jessica Biel as Vera Miles and Scarlett Johansson as Janet Leigh. These two are great in this film but were so underused its like they were missing in action a lot of the time which made me feel down again because I am a huge fan of Miss Johansson she's not given chance to use her full potential in this film. I don't think the film had long enough to develop these supporting characters. That been said I did enjoy the film especially a scene of Hitch in the cinema outside the screening room dancing to the famous shower scene (its a trailer so no spoiler there). If Your a fan of Hitchcock I can recommend it but i do have to say please have a open mind because its not a "true" biopic.
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