Thursday, 31 January 2013

Top 5 James Bond Movies

With the arrival of Skyfall to Blu Ray/DVD on the 18th February I thought I would share with you my top 5 James Bond films. This is my personal top 5 so doesn't mean best or most successful. I wont be doing a review for them it will just be a quick recap and favourite moments in each I will be getting round to reviews soon i promise. Anyhow lets go...

5. Live and Let Die (1973) Now im not a huge fan of Roger Moore's James Bond... bit too campy for me, I tend to prefer bond as a serious guy with a quip now and then. But that been said i do like this film, Jane Seymour is great as the bond girl Solitaire, with her tarot card reading, and the voodoo magic in the film, the boat chase and who cannot help but like Sheriff Pepper trying to chase Bond now he is a funny guy. Best thing about the film... the theme song. Paul McCartney is on form with the theme song, probably my top bond theme.

4 GoldenEye (1995) After a six year hiatus Bond was back and wow how to kick things off with that now legendary stunt from the top of the dam one word.... Amazing. Pierce Brosnan brings us a slick and kinda cool spy with his portrayal of Bond backed up brilliantly by two brilliant performances by Sean Bean and Judi Dench. Now Judi Dench for me makes this film, absolutely top form as M. I bet many people were shocked at a female M but for me she is brill and managed to stay there up to present day.

3 Licence to Kill (1989) Now a lot of people didn't like Timothy Dalton's Bond, I for one thought he was great. Dark, Mysterious, cold, like he was hiding something, I guess its as I could imagine a spy to be like with a cold killer mentality. I picked this one other his other film (which is good too) because he's more darker in this and has a personal vengeance going on (could be Bond doing Batman haha). And Tim Dalton has the perfect mannerisms for this, hes always got the look in his eyes of a hidden pain within.

2 Skyfall (2012) Yes it is that good! This is one amazing film, its not just a great Bond film it in its self is a great film. I'm kind of disheartened its been snubbed by the Oscars but it is a must see film. Not going to say much because once i get the Blu Ray probably be first Bond I review.

1 From Russia with Love (1963) I can hear the cry's of why??? Goldfinger surley?? No and No i'm deadly serious and don't call me Shirley! (bad I know I couldn't resist) Sean Connery is for me James Bond the original and best. This film took what Dr No started and turned it up 100! The start of gadgets, the henchman played amazingly by Robert Shaw, that breathtaking fight on the train and can I say it..... Hello Q and not forgetting Lotte Lenya as Rosa Klebb. My god what a character total psychopath all i can say is you wouldn't want her kicking your shins.

Well that is the lot thanks for reading.

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