Sunday, 27 January 2013

Top 10 personal favorite movies

With this been a Blog about movies i thought my first post should be my top 10 personal favorite movies, i will be reviewing these movies first too. If you agree or disagree or want to get in touch just contact me.

Okay here we go in no particular order.....
Casablanca-1942- This movie has it all.... Love, Regrets, Resistance and not forgetting Nazis.
Gone With The Wind-1939-One word.... Epic! Anyone that truly loves movies needs to see this.
Braveheart-1995- Mel Gibson with his legendary oscar winner.
Gladiator-2000- You can call me Gladiator... and another film i watch over again and again.
Dances With Wolves-1990- His name is Dances with Wolves and its a true masterpiece
Fightclub-1999-Amazing film with an amazing performance from Brad Pitt
Some Like it Hot-1959- Not only my favorite comedy film but my favorite Marilyn Monroe film
Inception-2010- In my mind Christopher Nolan's best movie by far, a total mind bender.
Godfather-1972- One of the finest movies ever crafted.

Now this movie is by far the only film I can ever say is the greatest ever made for me its the one and only:
Citizen Kane-1941
Such a fantastic film that just never seems to age, this film changed the way films were made, from the opening montage to the unique for the time camera angles. Orson Welles i bow to you.
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