Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Lincoln Review

Saw Lincoln today, brilliant film Daniel Day Lewis amazing as ever must be the finest actor of this era. The way he does his accents, every film he does its like a different man every time. You could tell he had been studying photos and statues of Lincoln, he had his shoulders hunched and the tilt of the head, when he sat down he had his hands on his knees just like the famous statue in Washington DC. Tommy Lee Jones tho I have to say made it for me he was at his very best, give this guy another oscar please! The emotion he always shows in his looks and his eyes no wonder he's a well respected actor too. The only thing that got me a bit was John Williams score. Huge fan of his but wasn't really needed in it its film for acting let these guys act with their words and their eyes, their emotion sometimes the music overpowered it. I am a Brit and Lincoln is one of my heroes of history, a fantastic man and this film shows that with the way he's shown throughout, trying his best to stop the civil war and abolish slavery. Thank you Spielberg for not letting me down. It had the usual Spielberg polish you know its going to be good when the peoples favourite director at the helm.
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