Friday, 1 February 2013

Les Miserables Review

Having now had the lucky chance to see this film twice I have to say very easily my favourite film of 2012 by far. When I first saw the trailers I got shivers down my spine I knew it would be something special. I have never seen the musical but knew the story of this great man Jean Valjean and his incredible journey, from stealing a loaf of bread, to taking care of a child as his own. Oscar winning director Tom Hooper (for The Kings speech) had the brilliant idea of filming the singing live, to my knowledge that is the first time its been done in a musical movie. Usually they record the songs first and then mime to it. Doing live singing here works wonders, you get to see the cold breath come out of Hugh Jackman as hes singing at the top of a mountain, the veins bulging out of his forehead, the emotion from the actors comes across in the singing because of it, brilliant idea Mr Hooper. I know people have been pulling Russel Crowe down for his singing I for one don't mind it, I'll be honest its not brill bot not bad, i couldn't do better. Anne Hathaway was amazing in this sure win for her oscar nomination, the emotion and intensity in her acting and singing when shes singing "I Dreamed a dream" is just heart wrenching, and thanks to Tom Hooper deciding to show close ups of the actors rather than having the camera far back, we see it even more. Its like he thought to himself what cant you see in the stage version.... I know you cant look into their eyes and see the emotion so lets do close shots, yet again a brilliant idea. The songs in this musical are amazing, one minute your crying, the next your on your feet saying "hooraaa". I have to say Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean was a good choice. I was a bit worried at first because this character needs to show a lot of emotion and he pulls off so well so hats off to you and you deserve that oscar nomination too. Now i have to say only two things bothered me, going from spacious outdoor areas to a little studio stage took a little bit of the epicness out of it but don't get me wrong it still looked good. The other thing that bugged me a bit was... why an earth were some of the characters sounding like cockneys, this 19th century Paris not Victorian London but hey I can let it slide because I do like this film. To sum up it is a powerful and very emotional film and I recommend it highly.
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